Thursday, 11 February 2016

Important iPad Information for Year 4 Paretns

Dear Year 4 Parents,

Please return the following information to school as soon as possible.
·         Completed iPad Setup Checklist/Information sheet – even if you are providing the iPad for your child
·         Completed ICT and iPad User Agreements

Also please
·         book a time to collect the iPad or setup an existing iPad by entering your name in the booking sheet by clicking on this link
·         Pay for your iPad at the front office (for those parents who indicated they were paying for the iPad as a one off payment)

If you need assistance with the Apple ID setup then please make an appointment to do this next Monday 15th February. (You will not be able to setup an Apple ID during the collection sessions).

You will not be able to take the iPad home next Thursday unless the above steps have been completed.

Text message for Year 4 parents.

Yr4 Parents please check email regarding iPad setup and payment.


Janine Johnson