Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week three homework

Welcome to week three.

This week we will finish our second week of swimming lessons, focus on writing our procedures, finishing place value and exploring the properties of odd and even numbers.  In science we will be checking on our seeds to see what stage of germination they are up to and beginning our next experiment investigating the plant lifecycle.  In religion we are learning about lent as we move through this important time of year.

Homework this week will include;
Spelling Look, Cover, Say, Write and Check (due Friday)
Reading log (due Friday)
Mental Maths Unit 3. (We will mark Day 1 on Tuesday, Day 2 and 3 on Thursday and Day 4 on Friday).

Monday night is our parent information and welcome night, so please join me if you are able. 

Thanks for your support
Sean McSevich