Sunday, 17 July 2016

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back to term 3

Hopefully everybody had a refreshing and revitalising term break.

Towards the end of last term, I started to feel that homework needed to be jazzed up a bit.  as a result, I have made a big change to make it more meaningful and hopefully engaging!  I have drawn from people like Ian Lillico in developing a homework grid that provides more choice and acknowledges the role that other activities at home take in the growth of students.  I have explained this grid and sent it home with the children today.

As the homework grid provides more choice, I have also set and explained the rules, particularly with compulsory activities.  Please discuss this grid with your child when they get home. You will notice that many of the activities the children can choose may already be regularly undertaken, but are designed to encourage a number of important skills, including communication skills and risk taking (safely), as well as academics.

I would still like you to mark your child's homework when they complete it and initial the choice grids that are completed by your child.  The bottom of the grid also asks that you confirm that homework has been completed.

Mental maths is a compulsory homework task and this week is Unit 19.  We have practiced the division strategy in class and I have included a video on edmodo to help should it be required at home.

As always, if homework is taking an unusually long time due to understanding rather than effort, please let me know.

Looking forward to a wonderfully exciting term

Mr Sean McSevich