Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Year 4 Excursion to Ngilgi Cave

Today we took a guided tour of Ngilgi Cave and what a great experience it was!  All students were shown around the stunning cave, with some even tackling the 'OLC Tunnel of Doom' as our tour guide put it!  We finished off with lunch, an ice-cream and a quick game at Simmo's while the weather held off!
Thanks to all students for being so awesomely behaved, using their manners and being respectful.  A great big thanks to all those parents who put their hand up to help out and to Mrs Torrese and Mrs Jennings for joining us!

Below are some photo's from the cave but the quote of the day came from Matilda who referred to the cave as "just beautiful" and "this is the best science lesson ever!".  I have rarely seen so many mouths gaping at the sights of the crystal formations!
Mr McSevich