Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week three

Welcome to week three, already!

This week we are finishing our unit on The Lost Thing, which looks at themes such as belonging, friendship and helping others and imagination.  We have been looking at the amazing illustrations by Shaun Tan, creating our own lost things and critically analysing the book to develop a deeper understanding of the story.

I have changed homework to include up to five 'Conquer Words' each week in addition to our normal spelling.  These are words taken from your child's writing during the week and I have asked that they are included in daily spelling activities.  This week we are working on the 12 times tables and using place value to help us solve these multiplication problems.

The video I set as homework last week on Sensational Story Starters worked very well for many students, and they tackled the challenge of using the four strategies to begin stories based on images very well.  I will put up a video later in the week about character descriptions so as students come to class with prior knowledge about what is expected.

Dan't forget that this Thursday and Friday some of our photography work will be displayed in the hall as part of our exhibition.  Please come along to see what we have been doing.

Mr Mc