Monday, 14 August 2017

Week 5

Good afternoon
This week we are getting right into our class novel 'Birrung, the Secret Friend' and spent this morning asking questions of the text to gain better understanding.  The picture below shows how well the students did with lots of thick and thin questions from only a few pages of reading.

In Maths we will continue with number patterns.  Today we were investigating using the times tables to identify numbers in patterns where it is hard to continue by drawing or counting.

For homework I have set spelling based on a diagnostic completed and conquer words from your childs writing.  In maths we are working on the 5 times tables, and I have set a reading eggs task.

Tomorrow we have our mission markets to raise money for Caritas.  Our day will begin with Mass in the hall and finish with an opportunity to meet new friends as we undertake rotational activities across all years.  Please remember to bring jelly cups in tomorrow morning to sell. Alternatively, if you are unable to send jelly cups, please send a bag of chocolates or similar for us to add to the Jelly Cups.  We ask that your child bring no more than $10 to spend, preferably in coins to minimise change requirements.

Students are also able to wear their sports uniform to make the afternoon activities more comfortable.