Saturday, 24 February 2018

Week 5 Term 1

Good morning all,

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. I am particularly excited about this week as we will have our first uninterrupted week of learning! 

In Mathematics, we have been finishing up our place value unit, and as a result the students will complete an assessment towards the end of the week to assess the concept covered in class thus far. Next we will move onto applying mental and written strategies to the four operations. Within this area we will begin to target some problem solving.

Reading groups will start this week, where we will work intensely with a group each day to focus on developing their reading and comprehension skills. The other groups will be working on a range of activities that develop their comprehension and enhance their knowledge about the devices used in persuasive texts.

Please note, there will be no change in Spelling words this week. Last week was very interrupted and we don't feel confident that the students have learnt their spelling rule well enough to move on, therefore we will use this week to consolidate this. This means there will be no change in their spelling words at home.

WEEK 5 -
1. Reading (Free choice - chapter book) - 10 minutes each night. NB: Students will be asked to read their Reading Eggspress Book the night they have completed their Guided Reading session with me or Mr Torrese. The other night's reading is free choice (chapter book please).
2. Mental Maths - Think Mentals 4 Student Book, Week 5: students are to complete a column each night. These will be marked the next day in class, so we are able to discuss the more challenging concepts.
3. Spelling - Complete LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK with their given spelling words. They are to also complete one spelling activity into their homework book from the spelling grid. (SAME WORDS AS WEEK 4 THIS WEEK)
4. Photography - The students need to take up to 10 photos based on the theme 'FACES AND FURNITURE'. They are to create a pic collage of these pictures and upload this into their Class Notebook file. DUE WEDNESDAY!

There is a general assembly on Friday, we will inform those who will be receiving Merit Awards very soon.

Being the season of Lent, we ask if you can you check in with your children to see whether they are keeping the Lenten Promises they made in class and remind them that if they have any spare change that they might want to donate it to Project Compassion. This is a very worthy cause and every little bit helps. 

There is a Pupil Free Day next Tuesday 6th of March, following the long weekend. Students return to school on the Wednesday.

Have a wonderful week!

Sandy Ricciardone & Adrian Torrese