Monday, 14 May 2018

Week 3 Term 2

Good afternoon,

I hope your week has started well and all those lovely Mother's out there were spoilt yesterday!

Congratulations to Annabelle and Remy on receiving a Merit award at Friday's assembly, they are both very deserving recipients!🎉

This week looks like this:

1. Reading Comprehension Strategy - In our reading groups this week, we will be looking at the Reading Strategy of 'Summarising'. Summarising is to identify the key facts and condense it into their own  words. More information can be found at
2. Spelling - Kangaroo group - prefixes 'quad, quar, quint, pent, dec, oct and cent'
                     Possum group - ambiguous vowels 'al, aw, au'
                     Lorakeet group - Silent letter beginnings 'gn, wr, kn'
3. Narratives- this week we are focusing on interesting story starters, the development of the plot and beginning to plan out a narrative of their own.
We will continue to learn our mental division strategies, as well as, the written strategy to solve division. There will be an assessment on the Mental and Written division strategies on Monday 21st May (Week 4). We will be revising the concepts learnt on Friday in preparation.

We will continue to explore Colonisation: identifying the famous early explorers of Australia and the effect Colonisation had on the Indigenous Australians. This has been integrated into our Reading Group activities this week as well.


The students will carryout an investigation to design and create the sturdiest object, this is a part of our study on the properties of materials.

Spelling - LSCWC (each night) and 1 activity (per week)
-This term the weekly spelling test will take place on a Thursday, and the students will receive their new words on a Friday. 

Mental Maths - Think Mentals, Unit 13

Reading - Reading Log 
- This term the students only have the Reading Log to complete, no additional Word Study or Book Review. I have changed this so the children can really focus on Reading and completing the Reading Log well!
FREE CHOICE THIS WEEK - if you want your child to have an allocated text, please email me and I can arrange this.

As Des is away this week on family leave, Adrian will be required in the office on Wednesday. I have the pleasure of doing getting involved in the Euthando project, as I will be in to cover on Wednesday.
Book Fair
On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th of May, there is a book fair in the library. The library will be selling books from 8-9am and 3.30-4.30pm on these days.

Casual's for Catholics
This Friday 18th of May, there is a free dress day with a gold coin donation to raise money for Catholic Care in the Diocese of Bunbury. This charity provides help for families and people in need across the southern part of our state.

First Eucharist Family Poster
Thank you to those who have already returned their posters. Just a reminder that these are due on Monday 11th June, so we have enough time to display it at the church before the Eucharist mass.

Go Fish Musical - Friday Week 6
Matinee - Wednesday 6th June @ 1.30pm
Show - Friday 8th June @ 6.30pm (gold coin donation on the night)

First Eucharist Mass - Sunday 17th June 
On Sunday 17th June, we have our First Eucharist Mass where the children will receive communion for the first time. It is expected that everyone attends the mass, even those not receiving the sacrament, in support of their peers.

Have a great week!

Mrs Ricciardone & Mr Torrese